Q. As a private collector, can I buy your art directly from your website?
A. No, we sell only to qualified galleries and other members of the trade. Please e-mail us with your contact information and we will refer you to our nearest Dealer.

Q. Is the artwork shown on the website available for purchase?
A. Not necessarily, work shown on the website may have been sold. Contact us, if the piece selected has been sold, we will send you images of available pieces from that series.

Q. Are the colors on my monitor the same colors in the artwork?
A. The colors shown on your monitor will likely be close. However, different monitors often depict some variation in color.

Q. Would you consider commissions?
A. Yes, we often do site specific work. Contact us and let us know your needs. We will quote any project you propose.

Q. I am choosing your art for a project, can I order specific colors and sizes?
A. Yes, we have worked with the contract design industry for many years. As Artists, we are comfortable working within your size and color parameters. Paint chips and fabric samples are necessary if you wish exact color matching.